What is pregnancy massage ?

Carrying a baby inside you changes your centre of gravity and puts a lot of stress on your back, neck, abdominal muscles and shoulders. Pregnancy also relaxes ligaments, so that the pelvic joints are less stable and changes posture, pulling the pelvic forward. Edema or swelling of the joints during pregnancy, is often caused by reduced circulation and increased pressure on the major blood vessels by the heavy uterus. Massage helps to stimulate soft tissues to reduce collection of fluids in swollen joints, which also improves the removal of tissue waste carried by the body’s lymph system.

How it works?

During pregnancy, regular prenatal massages may not only help you relax, but may also relieve insomnia, joint pain, neck, back pain, leg cramping and sciatica. Additionally, it reduce swelling in your hands and feet (as long as that swelling isn’t a result of preeclampsia), relieve carpal tunnel pain, and alleviate headaches and sinus congestions – all common pregnancy problems.

Benefits of Pregnancy massage

  1. Massage to the legs can control varicose veins, and the draining effect of massage facilitates reduction of edema (swelling) of the extremities .
  2. An increase in general circulation offers a rise of blood to all areas of your body, including the placenta. This brings greater nutrition to the  tissues of the body and enhances waste product removal.
  3. The lymphatic system circulates faster and more efficiently. the result is more energy and less fatigue.
  4. Muscle tone can increase with regular massage. Muscles spasms and knots are easily released, and muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints enjoy greater flexibility. This is most advantageous during labor.

Pregnancy Massage FAQ

When is it safe to start pregnancy massage?

It is safe to receive massage after the 1st trimester.

Do I have to stop receiving massage close to my due date?

It is safe and beneficial to receive massage up to your due date and beyond.

How often should I have a massage when I am pregnant?

Its recommend to receive treatment at least twice a week.

Should I avoid foot massage during pregnancy?

No, your feet need relief from joint pressure and swelling. But there are acupressure points around the ankles and feet that, when actively and aggressively worked, can bring on contractions. This is handy during labor, but those specific places and techniques are carefully avoided until then. This is one of the many reasons to see a knowledgeable, pregnancy-certified therapist.

Prenatal Balinese Massage Packages

  • BND32 / 1 Hour
    • 60 minutes
    • 1 Session
  • BND150 / 5 sessions
    • 60 minutes
    • 5 sessions
    • 3 months validity
  • BND290 / 10 Sessions
    • 60 minutes
    • 10 sessions
    • 6 months validity
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